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Sep 20, 2012

Pet Friendly Alarm Systems

Pet Friendly Alarm Systems
Pet friendly alarm systems are, basically, burglar alarm systems that are not easily set off by household pets. Such alarm systems can be set to distinguish between the movements of a human being and that of a small animal, such as a dog or a cat. Pet safe alarm systems are designed specifically for use in households with pets, and can greatly reduce the likelihood of false alarms being triggered by an animal.

Motion Sensors and Glass Break Sensors

Pet safe alarms function exactly like regular burglar alarms. They use Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensors and glass break sensors to detect and warn about intruders inside a home. The sensors can be deployed in corridors, basements and near windows; and they can be used to detect motion and specific sounds, such as the sound of breaking glass.

False Alarms

A household pet, such as a medium sized dog or cat, can easily set off a regular burglar alarm system. For instance, a pet can trigger the motion sensors simply by walking in front of them. Similarly, glass break sensors can sometimes be triggered by a dog’s high-pitched barking or by a cat’s yowling sounds. Wooden floors and high ceilings can amplify the sounds made by a pet and set-off an alarm system.

Pet Friendly Systems

Pet friendly burglar alarms are designed to address such problems by allowing homeowners to adjust motion sensors and glass break sensors to specific settings. For instance, a person with a small dog or a cat can easily set a pet-friendly motion sensor to only detect motion if a person or pet is larger than 40 pounds. Similarly, glass break sensors can be adjusted so as to trigger an alarm only when they detect a specific sound pattern, or detect the vibrations caused by breaking glass. Many vendors offer pet friendly burglar alarms right out of the box. The sensors in such systems are preset to automatically not detect movement if a person or pet is less than 40 or 50 pounds.

Additional Precautions

Pet safe alarm systems are by no means foolproof. Even the most sophisticated system can sometimes generate a false alert However, there are certain measures you can take to minimize the likelihood of false alarms.

  • A PIR motion sensor uses temperature and infrared measures to detect movement within its field of view. Install your PIR sensors at a level taller than your household pet. The sensors will still be able to detect human movement, but will not detect the movement of your pet.
  • Motion sensors are designed to look straight out ahead and straight down to the floor. Consider installing the sensor upside down at a height where the sensor will be able to detect human motion, but not see a pet even if the animal is standing straight below the sensor.
  • If your PIR sensor has a test mode, use it to test how the system works when you position it at different heights. Keep adjusting the height till you get it to a point where your pet can comfortably walk about or laze near the sensor without setting it off.
  • When comparing pet friendly alarm systems, make sure you evaluate how easily you can disarm the system in the event of a false alarm.

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