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Aug 27, 2012

Swimming Pool Alarms

Swimming Pool Alarms
One of the most effective ways of protecting against swimming pool accidents at home is to install a swimming pool alarm. Swimming pool alarms can be especially effective in protecting young children and seniors from drowning accidents. Some alarms are designed to issue an alert when an object falls into the pool, while others are designed to generate an alert when a gate or barrier that prevents access to the pool is opened.

Gate Alarms and Water Safety Alarms

Swimming pool alarms can be either used to control access to a swimming pool or to generate an alarm when an object falls into the water. Gate alarms can be placed on pool barriers or pool access gates. They typically feature a delay switch that triggers a loud alarm or a siren when the gate is left open for longer than six or seven seconds. Some gate alarms feature a child-resistant override switch that adults can use to gain access to the pool without tripping the alarm.

Safety in the Water

Other pool alarms for children are actually installed in or around the pool. They trigger an alarm when the water level in the pool is displaced by a fallen object. Most such alarms are designed to trigger an alert when an object that is 18 pounds or heavier enters the pool.

Varying Capabilities

Some pool alarms need to be removed from the pool in order for an adult or child to swim. Higher-end models often support a ‘swim mode’. Such models are capable of distinguishing an adult swimmer from a child and typically do not have to be removed from the water in order for someone to swim in the pool. Some vendors even offer a wristband alarm that sounds a loud alert when a child wearing the wristband enters the pool. Unlike the other alarms, however, a child has to actually wear the wristband in order for the alarm to work. Prices for pool alarms range from $300 to $800, while gate alarms typically range from $30 to $75. Often, homeowners install both a gate alarm and a pool alarm to protect against swimming pool accidents at home.

Installing a Home Security System?

Did you know that installing a security system is not only a great way to help minimize risk of a break-in or burglary, but it may also lower your home insurance payments? Insurance companies recognize that homes are indeed more secure when they have a home security system installed by one of the top alarm companies. offers quotes from only the best, most well known business and home security companies. By working with leading providers like FrontPoint, Vivint, GE, Protect America, and, of course, Protect Your Home - ADT Authorized Premier Provider, we can assure you that we are providing quotes from the highest rated security companies in the business.

Not to mention, these six companies use state-of-the-art technology to keep up with the changing market. Features like wireless alarms and touch screen control panels are what consumers want, and these companies offer them along with expert technicians and a skilled customer support staff.

Protect America has been given a five star rating for four years in a row by With their line of affordable home security packages starting at about $30 and free installation, Protect America is offering home security at a price most Americans can afford.

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Protect Your Home - ADT Authorized Premier Provider - ADT is certainly the largest and most well known security provider.

Protection 1 trails only ADT in the number of customers it has in the US. And, with 60 branch offices, Protection 1 also has locations in nearly every US state, making them a home and business security company that you can even contact in person if need be.

FrontPoint Security touts that their wireless security systems are "virtually undefeatable." The company also notes that it has no hidden fees, all the while providing modern, high-tech home security features like a security app for your smart phone.

Security Networks boasts an A+ Better Business Bureau rating is just one indication of the great customer service they offer. Making use of services like WeatherNet for alerts on dangerous weather, and IDnet for identity protection, Security Networks truly strives to make all aspects of your life more secure, not just your home.